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Snow Hike Adventure Camp (Part1)


You all must be knowing about girl guides and girl scouts association that are running in different countries of the world. In my country, Pakistan; this association is called Pakistan Girl Guides Association and it works for the upliftment of women and girls in our society. I feel so privileged to be a part of guides.

Every year national camps are conducted for both guides and scouts in our country and Snow Hike Adventure Camp just started last year. So this year it was the 2nd Snow Hike Adventure Camp  held in Nalter, Gilgit and the best one indeed.  So here are the details of one of my life’s best experience.

From Selection to the start of our journey:

The day I filled the form and submitted it, I was hopeful and very positive that I will get selected as it was my gut feeling. After that I was waiting impatiently for the results. On the night of 1st February I got to know that I finally got selected. In the next two days, I made one of the hardest decisions of my life; to continue my job or to go on this camp. I was on a probation period and after trying my best to get leaves for ten days, my boss was not able to grant me the leaves because its against the policies to grant leaves in probation period. To go on this camp was my dream and after discussing about this matter with my friends and parents, I finally made the decision that I would not regret my whole life. I chose to go on this camp. My parents supported my decision and we began preparations for my journey. As this was my first ever travel and I was going to Gilgit which is in Pakistan’s Northern Area, we had to go for shopping to buy warm clothes and snow shoes. Apparently, I just had one day for shopping because the next day was a public holiday and we were leaving on 6th Feb. There were 6 girls and 6 boys selected from all over Karachi from our community. I met the girls of our group the day before our journey. Although, there were some miscommunications and mismanagement as we were informed about all the travelling details at a short notice but the thing was, deep down we all were excited for this new experience. Finally, the day arrived and we all met at the bus station with our parents. Everyone was nerve wrecked, a little angry to be travelling in the public bus but still excited.

The Journey from 6th to 8th Feb:


We were all settled in the bus. Our team got the backseats in the bus so we were all sitting together. 3 at last seat and other 7 sitting in the two seater seats. We had all the junk food and other necessary stuff including some warm clothes in our bagpacks with us. Me being a bookworm that I am, couldn’t travel without a book. I guess at 10.30 or 11am the bus started and we were on our way. We did our official introductions like who belonged too which area and stuff like that. The conductor of the bus told us that the bus will stop after every 6 hours sometimes 12 hours for bathroom and eating breaks. So our 3 days and 2 nights journey in the bus went something like this:

  • Arsheela, Alishah and Zayan entertaining us with their talks and jokes.
  • Sharing and eating junk food. Buying more junk food from the stops.
  • Updating our parents in every 3 or 4 hours.
  • Too tired of sitting but couldn’t do anything about it. Changing our sitting positions constantly.
  • Saving our cellphone batteries by not using it too much. Everyone’s phone was on power saving mode. All of us had power banks as well.
  • At the stops, the bathrooms were in the lowest condition but we had to bear with it as we had to just hold our breath and get done with it. And guess what we had to pay 10 rupees for using the bathroom.
  • At the initial stops we barely ate the food there. All us girls would just share one plate and just eat 2-3 bites. Later on compensate our hunger with chips, biscuit and water.
  • Luckily Farzan bought nuggets and shared with us all.
  • I sometimes read book, texted my parents and best friends, listened to music or slept.
  • So at night when we all tried to sleep, some little boy used to start crying at the exact same time and we all were like please make him stop crying.
  • Next day we stopped somewhere in interior Punjab, early morning. It was 6 degrees at that time and we were literally freezing, though we were wearing our sweaters and hoodies. Then we just had a little bit of breakfast and ate pure sugarcane. As nearby there was a field of Sugarcane and there were tractors loaded with sugarcane. The boys brought the sugarcane for us all, it was heavenly sweet and delicious.
  • A tiny detail I forgot to mention. Other than 6 scouts boys and 6 girl guides there was a scout leader with us for our protection.
  • We took some really good pictures at this stop.
  • Later that day, sometime after 3pm we stopped in Islamabad at a petrol pump. We bought some chips, juices and water bottles. Also, 3 of us girls bought ice cream and enjoyed every bit of it. Took some pictures there as well and then we were off to our journey.
  • That same day we got a little better food to eat. Also, Umber caught fever. We all advised her to eat something, take medicine and sleep.
  • We stopped at a hotel in Karakoram highway that night for 2 and a half hours. We had dinner, everyone was charging their phones and power banks, it was too out there. Probably 5 or 4 degrees, I was just tired of sitting so me and Komal were just walking outside, getting to know each other. The tow hours passed and just like that we were on road again.
  • That night our feets were literally freezing because of the cold weather. But somehow we all slept through the night.
  • When we woke up in the morning, we were in the mountains though gilgit was still hours away.
  • We stopped at a place called Chillas for breakfast and bathroom break. We all mostly drank tea there. Some of the boys had breakfast.
  • Finally at noon we reached at the Gilgit bus station.


To Be Continued….

A Book review

Book Review: Aqson Level 1



Book Name: Aqson Level 1

Author Name: Sreejib

Genre: Indian Literature, Fiction

First of all, I would like to thank the author for giving me her book to read and write the review for it. .

Let me start this review with some positive aspects of this novel. This book was such a different read for me because of its story line and secondly it was based in Bengal which is a part of India. I have never read a book based in India. So naturally this was new for me.
Also, the storyline of this book revolved around politics whether it be human politics or politics between devine beings (angels). All that stuff about student politics was literally intriguing. Again, something new for me read thoroughly and ponder upon while reading. .
My feelings while reading this book:
At first when I started reading, I was literally shouting in my head, “What the hell is happening. Its so confusing.” The story kept switching between humans and angels. I had difficulty identifying the characters that who was who. So I tried to read patiently because I have this curiosity to read ahead no matter how the story is, i just have to know what happens next.
Then suddenly the story took a drastic turn and I couldn’t stop reading. Though in between a voice kept shouting in my head that this story contains so much politics and I don’t like politics at all. Oh well, I got double minded as I was hating politics but was curious about it too.
I was a little bit shocked when Job’s weapon Life was fully revealed though deep down i suspected the same outcome that was described in the book. I won’t give any spoilers. You gotta read the book for uncovering the whole story. .
At the end of this review, I just want to say that at some points I felt confused as to when which character was speaking. .
I actually enjoyed reading the book as the story progressed. Kept me so curious until the end.
This story was something new and I am waiting impatiently for the next part to publish.

I give this book 4/5 stars.

Author’s Goodreads Profile


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Books are the best guide for women


There is a book quote that I like from one of the famous authors:

“There is no friend as loyal as a book.” – Ernest Hemingway

This quote is quite true, as being a women myself I experienced it personally. Since I was a child my parents engrained in me the habit of reading & with the passage of time books became my only solace & my best friends.
You must be thinking how books can be the best guide for women? Let me tell you that by reading books you discover a whole new world of stories. Books open a door to an immense wisdom that becomes a part of your personality. So which genre books should women explore & read to receive such knowledge, wisdom & guidance? Here are some useful suggestions for you.

Some inspirational book suggestions

Books4EverBlogger copy

There are countless books in this world under different genres that you can read from. I used to read only fiction, horror & romance books. But I had such an intense thirst for books that I began exploring more genres & believe me I found some of the best books ever written.
In the genre of philosophy & spirituality these are the books that can inspire & change the perspectives of women completely. ‘Forty Rules of Love’ by Elif Shafak in which two stories are being told side by side, one of rumi & Shams Tabrez & the other one about a forty year old woman called Ella who is unhappy in her marriage. In these stories women will get to explore the love of God & spirituality with forty deep, meaningful quotes about spiritual love. This book can literally change a women’s life & perspectives because it literally changed mine.
There are two other books in this genre that are just as life changing as this first one. ‘Rumi’s Daughter’ by Muriel Maufroy which explores the life of rumi’s daughter Kimya & her origins. The other one is the ‘Kite Runner’ by Khaled Hosseini which conveys the tale of two boys from Afghanistan, their circumstances at the time of war & their friendship since their childhood.

In the genre of fiction, young adult & science fiction you should definitely try these book series. ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Divergent’ & ‘The Lunar Chronicles’ which are about these young women in dystopian world fighting for freedom, truth, love, justice & equality for their people & to make the world a better place. There are countless other nerve-wrecking books in this genre that will give you strength & wisdom. Don’t forget to explore romance books when you just want some relationship advice & feel ecstatic.
There are classical books like ‘Tess of the D’ Urberville’, ‘Wuthering Heights’ and ‘Pride & Prejudice’ which enlightens readers about the hurdles faced by the women of that time.
Self-Help books like ‘The Secret’ series by Rhonda Byrne, ‘This thing called you’ by Ernest Holmes & ‘Unconditional Life’ by Deepak Chopra, helped me in healing myself & changed me into becoming a better person.

For all those women out there who want to be a better person, gain strength, wisdom & knowledge, & live countless lives in different worlds; they should definitely take the guidance of books by reading from all the genres. Books can become women’s companions for lifetime & never leave their side.

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Dear Diary: His soul


He had this pure soul

This purity reflected in his eyes

In his silence

She could not stop staring at him


Sometimes it was so hard,

To resist his striking beauty

She knew his flaws

Understood him like no other

Accepted him for who he is truly


Such deep was their bond

Such pure was their bond

Her soul was so attuned to

She could not explain it to anyone

How sacred this relation was


The present moments with him,

Were all that mattered

The future is unknown

There are no expectations


All she wanted was to keep giving

With all her being

Cherish every moment together


This feeling was so spiritual

It cannot be defined

It can only be felt




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Dear Diary: My demons


Looking back into time

When I was that timid little girl

Scared of this world

That time when others opinions still mattered  to me


That time when my past haunted me

Those depression filled days

Too many thoughts attacked me

Too many nights, I cried to myself


Tried so much to distract myself

I was trying to run from myself

Run from my past

There was so much, that I regretted


All those negative feelings

Jealousy, possessiveness, selfishness and many more

I wanted to be free of these feelings

I felt, like I was full of sins


I knew, I am alone in this battle with myself

That this is my own battle

The cure was within me

Subconsciously I knew all this


How to heal myself

I used to think

How to fight these inner demons?

How to feel love? Without any conditions or limits?


I wanted to feel accepted  by people, like truly

I felt like the weirdest person

So out of league

I felt so average


I was not intelligent or smart or clever

I was just a human

Just a girl

Who was wounded from inside out

Who was I?


I was caged within myself

I wanted to be free

Of all these thoughts

Of this depression phase


I had many friends

Everyone knew parts of me

No one really knew me

Even I myself

Did know, who I was


So then how could I ask people

To help me

Yes I could talk to anyone

Just to feel good temporarily


But no one outside me

Could provide me the cure

No one would fight my demons for me

I finally understood that much

No one could give me that love

That I longed for


What was love really?

I wanted to find out

I only knew of love

Which I was taught from the time of my birth

I did not really knew or felt real love

I just felt it was something bigger

Something better

Something eternal


Then I begin my journey

Into finding, real love

The journey of finding my true self

The journey of fighting my own battles

And fighting my own demons


Giving up was not the option for me

Because I believed

In that Hope

I Believed in something

I did not knew at the time

What it was actually

What I was after

But I just believed








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On the streets


What was the one thing she really craved?

She kept asking this question to herself

She finally found the answer

She wants to walk on the streets by herself

Without anyone accompanying her

Walking on the streets at night

Walking on the streets in the daytime

Exploring the world along the way

Talking to random people

Along the way

Listening to their stories

To feel their feelings

To understand all their hardships

To give them hope

Spend time with those random people

And spread smiles among them

There are so many dangers on the streets

Of her cut

She is fully aware of those dangers

People are scared

So scared of the dang on the street

Mugging, kidnapping, rape and so much more

But she doesn’t care about those dangers

She wants to keep walking

She wants to explore different stories

And write about them

She wants to face the dangers

Along the way

People commented

You are vulnerable and naïve

Go to your safe place

This world

These streets

Will eat you alive

She knew all of this

Knew what people thought about her

Naivety was not part of her

Even if it may seem that way from outside

All she felt was alive and conscious

She observed, listened and experienced

This is how she learned

She listened to her soul’s voice

She believed in the divine power

God was with her in every step of the way

God had protected her always

Had loved her always

Will keep protecting and loving her

She had no doubt about that

She felt deeply connected with the divine

When she was among those random people

Helping them in some way

Walking down the streets with them

Facing dangers like they did, every day

Appreciating life, the way it was

Thanking for what she had

Those people thanking for what they had

She felt human,

Connected with humanity

More close to God and all the blessings

A part of nature

She wanted to continue

Walking down these streets

That is when she saw him…

To be continued…….





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Dear Diary: Gratitude


She feels thankfulness towards God

Such deep gratitude, that she feels

Thanking God every day

No matter how much, it is not enough

He bestowed upon her

Such unconditional love

She feels that unlimited love pouring out of her everyday

She gives and share and spreads

This unlimited and unconditional love

Among those people, around her

All she needed was the love of divine

All she needed was to recognize her soul

All she needed was to accept herself, for who she really is

All she needed was to listen to her soul’s voice

All she needed was the true guidance from the divine

Now she feels so blessed

So thankful to God for every blessing

That was bestowed upon her

A the people that were sent in her life

With whom she feels connected to

The souls of those people

That she recognized instantly

Those souls who make her feel

More closer to the divine

She found those souls in this world

Who were her companions in that other world

In that infinite world

She believes,

She will find her whispering voice

That soul, who is her true soul mate

Her other half

Who will bring her more closer to the divine

That soul is among one of these souls

The divine will guide her

Towards that soul

That the divine has chosen for her

Patience is her virtue, her best friend

So are the books who keep guiding her

So she feels such deep gratitude

Every single day

Thank you, thank you, thank you God